Sculpt and create beautiful nails using CND’s range of Liquid & Powder. From the award-winning Retention+ to Perfect Color, you’ll find everything you need to start offering this superior service here!

CND Liquid & Powder

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Eye Dropper 3pk

HandsDown Pads (60pk)

Retention+ Starter Kit


GelBond 9g 9pk

Retention Super Adhesion
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Radical Sculpting Liquid

Clear Powder

Blush Pink Sheer Powder

Pure White Opaque Powder

Pure Pink Sheer Powder

Natural Sheer Powder

Intense Pink Sheer Powder

CND Lamp Replacement Bulbs (4pk)

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Natural Formation Tips

Velocity White Tips

Natural Velocity Tips

Clear Velocity Tips

D Colour

Warm Pink Opaque Powder

Cool Pink Opaque Powder

D Solve